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Discover the most charming spots in my favorite vacation destination. Save time and get excited by downloading the Google Map. This is a map featuring hotspots in Greece that I’ve personally selected for you.

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As a Google Local Guide level 7, with over 4.5 million views of my photos and reviews, I have carefully gathered the best spots for you.

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Akropolis Athene

Ermou rooftop bar in Athene

Romeins Agora in Athene

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Oia Santorini

Ammoudi Bay Santorini

Oia Santorini

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Mykonos Riviera Hotel

Lighthouse in Mykonos

Oude haven in Mykonos

Principote Panormos Mykonos

Lighthouse Mykonos

Hoogste punt op het eiland Mykonos

Cosi bar in Mykonos

D angelo in Mykonos

Paloma Cocktailbar

Paloma Cocktailbar

Krama Restaurant

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Naoussa Paros church

Naoussa Paros

Parikia Paros

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Balos Kreta

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Are you an affiliate of Greek entrepreneurs?

No, I like to support Greek entrepreneurs and my friends out of my own initiative. I received no payments of any kind.

I have a great love for Greek hospitality. That’s why I’ve created these maps.

About Soraya

Hey you,

It’s Miss Greece here.

I’m living for my ultimate work-life balance: a successful career, followed by a thriving business, all while enjoying around 45 trips to Greece.

My second home.

With approximately 6,000 islands, more than 250 of which are inhabited, I’d love to invite you to savor and experience Greek culture. The positivity, hospitality, cuisine, and the sheer joy of basking in every ray of sunshine.

Every time I go to Greece I return with new friends ?.